We are an organization where those interested in improving life conditions for children "Cradle to Career" can come together to create continuous communication that engages and empowers children, youth, and parents, develops a common agenda with a shared measurement system, maintains a backbone support organizaiton for collective work for the next 25 years, and integrates mutually reeinforcing activities that assure access for children that need us most.


One CommUNITY Pueblo is a collective impact strategy, a coalition of agencies, businesses, elements of government, all committed to creating avenues to a common vision.

  • We think of ourselves as an aspen grove – interconnected and interdependent.

  • We are government, business, and nonprofit leaders.

  • We come from schools, the health department, hospitals, churches, foundations, and agencies that provide direct services.

  • We use data to learn and improve.

  • We are building a pathway to a healthy and vibrant community where every child and every family has the support it needs from cradle to career and beyond

  • We are an open coalition, and we welcome others to join us as we build.


Prevention professionals use SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) as a comprehensive guide to plan, implement, and evaluate prevention practices and programs.


SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is a planning process for preventing substance use and misuse.

The five steps and two guiding principles of the SPF offer prevention professionals a comprehensive process for addressing the substance misuse and related behavioral health problems facing their communities. The effectiveness of the SPF begins with a clear understanding of community needs and involves community members in all stages of the planning process.

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