Teen Parents
Number of Total Live Births to Women 18-19

Significance of this indicator:

According to the CDC, childbearing by teenagers poses elevated health risks for teen mothers and their infants. Additionally, the CDC reports that teen pregnancy and childbearing result in substantial social and economic costs through immediate and long-term impacts on teen parents and their children. Teen parenting results in higher-than-average health care and foster care costs, and long-term losses in income tax revenue due to low educational attainment and income.   Pregnancy and birth may cause teen mothers to drop out of high school, but the longest-term impact comes from the fact that on average the children of teen parents have: lower school achievement; higher dropout rates; more health problems; higher juvenile justice involvement including incarceration during adolescence; higher teen birth rates themselves; and higher unemployment rates as young adults.

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How we are doing:

2008-2012 Colorado Data
The birth rate for females under the age of 20 in Colorado has continued to decrease each year across all age groups during the five year span reported.  The biggest percentage of improvement occured in the "Under 15" age group, followed next by the "15 to 17" age group.

What the data tell us:


Live births to teenagers by age group. Information on Colorado births is collected from the Certificate of Live Birth. Data items are presented as reported on the certificate. Completeness and accuracy of items on the birth certificate may vary by facility and year. Data for all births that occurred within the state of Colorado, resident and nonresident, are collected; however, at this time, CoHID only reports data for Colorado resident births. Resident births are births to those individuals who reported being residents of Colorado, even if the birth occurred to residents while outside of Colorado. Interstate agreements allow for the exchange of vital information about births to Colorado residents that occurred in other states. County-specific data are for births reported as occurring for residents of those counties.

Births to teenagers by age group. Rate is per 1,000 females in each age group.  Data reflect the mother’s place of residence, rather than the place of the birth.

Data Source:

Colorado Health Information Dataset (CoHID); Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Data Considerations:

Data reflect the mother's place of residence, rather than the place of the birth. 
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