Intended for youth between the ages of ten and eighteen, this survey aims to help us better understand the assets of youth in Pueblo.


Our key strategies form our collective impact and help define our winnable battles to create a positive change in our community.


Useful videos and links to related organizations and articles.


Our outcomes and indicators set benchmarks for success. They give us feedback as we move forward.



Pueblo is a place where...

  • Children, youth, and adults are supported in healthy choices for their lives

  • People are involved and engaged in every aspect of their community

  • All are safe and connected

  • Kids (and their families) have all the support they need – from cradle to career

  • Adults (and their families) have all the support they need for economic sufficiency, health, and wellness, for full and productive lives


A way of working together so that...

  • We strengthen community collaboration, reduce duplicated efforts and ‘silos’, reduce substance use and abuse risk factors among youth and families, and promote individual, family and community protective factors.

  • A better future is created – and working together to realize it – is simply the way we live and do business

  • Leadership for achieving the vision is shared among and between agencies and sectors

  • Pathways to economic security are facilitated in our work

  • Culture and differences are honored and embraced

  • We see children and youth as assets and we listen to their dreams and visions

  • We share data, have common outcomes, and learn as we go

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